Teleparent End-of-Life Announcement

Changes to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in July 2015 have placed additional requirements for phone calls and text messages. Our TeleParent products are not able to fulfill these requirements.

TeleParent products are no longer accessible to users as of August 1st.

All customers have been migrated to one of two products.

Connect 5 and Connect for Teachers

If you have completed your implementation and training please use the links below.

Mass Notifications and Teacher Reach

If you have completed your implementation and training for the Mass Notifications/Teacher Reach products, Please contact support at 800-825-8107 or if you have forgotten your login page.

Implementation Information

If you have not completed implementation and training for one of the products above, please contact Margaret Pearson at as soon as possible to get started and schedule your implementation.

Blackboard is eager to help you transition to our current products, and to continue serving your mass notification and teacher communication needs. Thank you for your continued business.